The President's Message 11/28/22

Is sleep a crucial part of your self-care routine?

Ms. Quadai Palmer

11/28/20221 min read

“Sleep is the Swiss army knife of health. When sleep is deficient, there is sickness and disease. And when sleep is abundant, there is vitality and health.” -Matthew Walker

I’m sure we’ve all seen the effects of a toddler not taking their afternoon nap. Matthew Walker is a sleep expert. His notion is the more sleep you receive, the healthier your lifestyle.

Although we may not be toddlers, think about your sleep deprivation on those terms. You may not be your best self when you don’t have enough sleep. Sleep can improve your overall outlook on life, you feel better during the day. How likely are you to get upset when you're tired compared to when you’re rested?

Studies have shown resting during the day can also improve your overall health. Most cultures have rest built into their daily life. Rest increases productivity and creativity. As a former educator, I have had many experiences with a structured naptime. After naptime, the students are able to reset and start fresh. How often do we stay I wish I could restart my day?

Rest provides you with that restart. Rest is built into the workday at Leading in Love. Our leadership team decided on an extended lunchtime for our staff. This allows for them to eat, rest and return ready to take on more of the work we do. Creativity flows more freely after our lunchtime.

Sleep is a vital part of self-care. We allow our team the space to get the rest and care they need. How can you factor self-care into your day? Would a nap be helpful?

Sleep is vital to proper brain and mental functions. Have you ever noticed how emotional you may get when you’re tired? Do you seem more irritable or sad?

Mental health and self-care are among the top hot button topics in society. How important is mental health? Are you doing enough self-care? Both are in intrinsically tied to each other. In our last blog, we talked about how important sleep is to your overall health. It impacts more than your physical body. You may feel tired physically and taking a nap or getting sleep can impact the temporary physical effects.